EnviroFix is an environmental contracting company providing full range of remediation and environmental cleanup services.

EnviroFix established in 2003 and since has successfully completed projects for customers across various industries.

EnviroFix specializes in environmental remediation, stormwater management, industrial wastewater treatment, waste reduction, plant decommissioning and air pollution control systems.

Mobile Sewage Treatment Systems Approval

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment, Parks, and Conservation (MECP) has granted the approval of 50 mobile sewage units to EnviroFix Corporation for operations across Ontario. The approval permits collection, transmission, treatment, and disposal of industrial process water, stored water, surface water, storm water, and/or groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, volatile organic contaminants, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated and non-halogenated solvents, surfactants, metals, organic and inorganic contaminants, and/or total suspended solids. Each Mobile Treatment Unit has a rated hydraulic capacity of up to 4,000 litres per minute. Treated effluent is disposed of on location through discharge to on-site storm sewer and sanitary connections or drainage ditches (where allowed by municipal by-laws); onto the ground for infiltration; into man-made or natural waterbodies onsite (i.e. stormwater retention ponds); or natural waterbodies off-site.

Remediation System Approval

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment, Parks and Conservation (MECP) has granted EnviroFix Corporation approval to operate soil and groundwater remediation systems such as mobile in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation and bio-venting/air sparging treatment systems, multi-phase treatment mobile facilities, pump and treat remediation systems, mobile soil/sludge processing solidification systems, and mobile sewage treatment systems. The attached Certificate provides substantive content of the issued instruments. Please note the official version may be formatted differently or contain minor variations.

In-Situ & Ex-Situ Remediation Systems Approval

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment, Parks, and Conservation (MECP) has granted approval to EnviroFix Corporation for the operation of soil and groundwater remediation systems using in-situ chemical and biological treatment by injection. The system includes storage tanks, pumps, and an air compressor and is used to treat contaminated soil and groundwater.

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