Dairy processing company with several facilities in Canada. The plant processes cultured dairy products including sour cream, yogurts, and probiotic drinks. The plant has its own sewage treatment facility and initially consisted of a three-lagoon system.

Project duration


Project description and scope

EnviroFix was retained by Parmalat in 1998 to upgrade the Niagara facility’s wastewater treatment system. The scope of work was to upgrade, design, construct, and commission the wastewater treatment system.

Project deliverables

EnviroFix designed and built a new treatment system including modifications to lagoons, enlargement of Lagoon 3, construction of a new Lagoon 4, an electrical upgrade, a new aeration system, and a new pump station and spray irrigation system.

As part of this project, EnviroFix optimised the treatment operation, by converting the lagoons to combined extended aeration activated sludge system and facultative polishing lagoons with for winter storage of the treated wastewater.  The EnviroFix tertiary treatment using aluminum sulfate is used to meet the Ontario Water Quality Objectives for Phosphorus, Ammonia and Total Suspended Solids for direct discharge to Lake Ontario.

Project maintenance

Since 1998, EnviroFix has been managing the facility wastewater system on a turnkey basis. EnviroFix carry out the following tasks:

  • In-situ treatment of open water lagoons using EnviroFix proprietary aluminium sulfate distribution system for discharge to Lake Ontario.
  • Maintaining lagoon operations, on call 24/7 and 365 days per year
  • Repairing lagoons embankments and berms following lagoon desludging on a bi-annual basis
  • Conducting bench-scale treatability studies to optimise in-situ aluminium treatment in the open water lagoons 
  • Achieved optimum aluminium treatment for the lagoon water.
  • Dewatering the lagoon biosolids accordance with the OMAFRA/MECP guidelines
  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation of the facility during EnviroFix activities