Project description and scope

Envirofix was retained to remove a buried landfill from a site of a pharmaceutical plant in Kirkland, QC, Canada. 

Project deliverables

To ensure the successful completion of the project, EnviroFix provided the following:

  • Waste characterisation
  • Excavation, removal, segregation, and offsite disposal of approximately 3,000 metric tons of pharmaceutical waste and associated impacted soil
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Management of contractor, sub-contractors, suppliers, and trades

Groundwater remediation was conducted to address the impacted groundwater affected by the landfill waste. Time was of the essence on this project as the client was planning to divest the property and a developer had conditionally acquired the site pending landfill removal. The remediation program was conducted in record time (from the start to finish the project was completed in three months), as required by the client. 

The work was carried out with minimal disturbance to the site operations.  The project was completed safely within the client’s required time frame and on budget. The client was particularly impressed by EnviroFix's ability to ensure approximately $10 million in savings.