A former plastic manufacturing plant owned by our client in Belleville, ON, Canada,, the facility was constructed in 1949 for the manufacturing of various phenolic compounds, including resins, plastic molding, and laminated products. Upon the plant's closure, the objective was to address outstanding environmental issues (i.e. phenolics VOCs and PCB) associated with the former operations at the site in order to divest the property.

Project duration


Project description and scope

Works were conducted in close consultation with the regulatory stakeholders including municipal, regional, provincial, and federal agencies.  

Project deliverables

Several remedial methods were implemented to achieve project’s objectives, including:

  • Remediation of soil, groundwater, and sediment
  • Decommissioning, restoration, and removal of industrial landfill
  • Compilation and review of available historical information
  • Geophysical survey of the site to identify buried industrial wastes
  • Characterisation of liquid waste
  • Separation and segregation of solid waste
  • Offsite disposal of several hundred buried drums containing liquid industrial wastes
  • Soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediment investigations, site characterisation, and industrial waste classification

  • Industrial sludge treatment, removal, and offsite disposal
  • Decommissioning of the wastewater lagoons and disposal of industrial sludge 
  • Restoration and management of PCB impacted wetland
  • Watershed management
  • Risk assessment and natural attenuation