PVC resin manufacturing plant in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. The plant produces PVC resin that is shipped across the world. The plant has its own wastewater treatment facility consisting of three lagoons and an activated sludge plant.  The wastewater lagoons covered an area totalling approximately 10 acres, containing PVC sludge. Upon production process modification of the plant, Geon undertook decommission and remediation of the wastewater resin Lagoons and its solid waste disposal site within the property. 

Project description and scope

EnviroFix was retained by Geon to conduct an investigation at the site and develop a work plan for areas requiring remediation and decommissioning.  Initially Geon’s work plan consisted of three-phased remediation program which included (1) complete removal and off-site disposal of the solid waste from the former disposal area, (2) the extraction and treatment of vinyl chloride contaminated groundwater plume in the vicinity of  the former solid waste disposal site, and (3) the surface cleanup of the Lagoons and consolidate and cap the non-hazardous PVC fines and sludge in a single Lagoon for long-term on-site storage.

Prior to the remediation, Geon gave further consideration to the long-term implications of their proposed plan for onsite storage of the PVC sludge and decided to eliminate all existing environmental liabilities at the site. A revised work plan for PVC sludge included dewatering, removal and offsite disposal.  

Project deliverables

EnviroFix was contracted for remediation. The project included the following tasks:

  • Decanting the lagoon water to the existing sewage treatment facility on site
  • Dewatering lagoon sludge; removing, transporting, and disposing the sludge offsite at an approved landfill
  • Removing all PVC solid waste from the existing landfill for off-site disposal at a secure and approved landfill
  • Restoring the site to its original farm land/pasture state

At the completion of the project, the site was free from known contamination and regained its market value for development.