EnviroFix is an Environmental Contracting Company providing full range of remediation and Environmental Cleanup Services in Canada since 2003.  Through strong leadership and implementing advanced technologies, we have successfully managed hundreds of projects related to environmental remediation, waste reduction, plant decommissioning and treatment of industrial wastewater solutions.  

Our aim is focussed on reducing emissions, creating a sustainable habitat and social values resulting in a better future for our next generations. Since inception, Envirofix has become one of the leading environmental contracting companies in Ontario. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our teams of engineers, scientists and technologies have been providing successful environmental contracting services to both public and private sectors. Envirofix team of environmental experts possess advanced technical knowledge and experience and have developed in-house technologies, for addressing environmental issues regardless of their complexity and size.

We are committed to managing our business with utmost responsibility and work hard to providing our clients with optimum environmental solutions in a most cost-effective timely manner while minimizing their immediate and long-term environmental liabilities.