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Over the years, Envirofix had completed numerous projects ranging from Leachate management and soil and groundwater remediation to sediment, sludge and wastewater treatment. A partial list of sectors that Envirofix helped to solve environmental problems include:
  • . Iron, Steel, Pulp and Paper industries
  • . Pharmaceutical and Mining Industries
  • . Food, Beverage Dairy and Poultry Processors
  • . Chemical and Automotive Manufacturing

Following is a partial list of projects representing the diverse experience of Envirofix:

. Heavy metal/PAHs contaminated groundwater remediation
. Industrial landfill decommissioning & leachate treatment
PVC contaminated sludge pond cleanup
Full scale lake restoration using chemical application
Sewage sludge and odor treatments
. Contaminated sediment removal and treatment
Petroleum hydrocarbon soil and groundwater remediation
. Municipal landfill gas and leachate treatment
VOC contaminated groundwater remediation

PCB site decommissioning
Design and build of treatment facilities
. Asbestos abatements
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